The leather binding read, “an electric requiem for the pre-virtual age“.  We found the old notebook so worn down it started on page 23.  Words were scribbled on the page, the way we learned in school.  The way people in the Actual Age used to.  The missing pages didn’t bother us, because it just said,  “There is no line”, Then, “Am I online?”, and “There is no line” again, over and over across every page.  I don’t know what it means, but personally…I wouldn’t want to go back then…writing on paper and all that…would you?


“a modern take on Beatlesque melodies and indie psych-pop. A wonderful trip to behold.”

-Santa Rosa Records

“showcases a vocal tone with an ability to alternate between sweltering, bluesy raucousness and smooth pop sensibility”

-Obscure Sound

“Vincent has a creative and unique sound that we can’t get enough of”

-Keep Walking Music

“both a literal and figurative representation of the flux we are constantly in, between the physical and virtual world”

-Composer’s Toolbox

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